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Celebrate Literacy Week 2023

Celebrate Literacy Week 2023

Bunnell Elementary School is excited to participate in the 15th annual Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 23–27, 2023. This statewide event is intended to raise awareness about the importance of reading and inspire students and families to make reading part of their daily routines.

This year's theme is "Take a Deep Dive Into Literacy—Splash Into New Worlds!" With this theme in mind, all of our students will participate in a variety of fun activities during the school day to deepen their knowledge and instill a love of reading. 

BES Literacy Week Activities

Monday, January 23
  • Story: Octopus Escapes Again! Students compare and contrast the octopus with other sea creatures
Tuesday, January 24
  • BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. Day: Make a movie or map based on ocean topics
Wednesday, January 25
  • Ocean story and origami activity
Thursday, January 26
  • Sea animal crossword puzzle
  • Ocean “MadLibs”
  • National Geographic for kids
Friday, January 27
  • Dress Up Day: Wear an ocean-themed shirt
  • All About Clownfish: Stories, videos, research, and activities
  • Bullpup University “Under the Sea”: Evening event featuring make-and-take STEM and literacy activities