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McDonald's of Florida & South Georgia Award Mrs. Jaques $10,000 Grant for BES Family Literacy Program

McDonald's of Florida & South Georgia Award Mrs. Jaques $10,000 Grant for BES Family Literacy Program
Bunnell Elementary School

Bunnell Elementary was honored to be one of only three schools in Florida & Georgia to be awarded a $10,000 McDonald's Golden Grant from J-Quint LLC. Mrs. Robin Jaques worked to obtain this grant for literacy programs at BES. She will use the funds to organize four literacy nights using science themes for increasing vocab and background knowledge in science. These literacy nights will also involve parents by having them attend literacy support meetings while the students are participating in activities. To present the award to Mrs. Jaques and Mr. Sanfilippo was Ms. Kim Hawkins with McDonald's local advertising firm, Mr. Joe Cox, owner and operator of J-Quint LCC, and three of his managers.

Mrs. Jaques will also start a family book project to encourage students and their families to read 50 picture books or 10 chapter books. Students who complete the project will be invited to an end-of-year celebration where they will be awarded prizes and a meal voucher from Mcdonald's.

J-Quint, LLC is the local franchise operator of two locations in Palm Coast and ten other McDonald's throughout central Florida. We are excited to partner with them as they are interested in becoming more involved with Bunnell Elementary by participating in various programs throughout the year.

Golden Grants Check Presentation: Mr. Rosa Cruz, Ms. Cruz, Mrs. Jaques, Ms. Williams, Principal Sanfilippo, Mr. Cox & Ms. Cox

Golden Grant check presentation from J-Quint LLC and McDonald's of Florida & South Georgia. Pictured L to R: Mr. Filberto Rosa Cruz, Ms. Joselyn Cruz, Mrs. Robin Jaques, Ms. Julissa Williams, Principal Marcus Sanfilippo, Mr. Joseph Cox, and Ms. Jodi Cox.