Bunnell Elementary School

For the safety of our students, only Bunnell Elementary School students are allowed on campus during school hours, unless accompanied by a parent.

Visitor's Pass
All visitors must enter the building only through the front office, where they can obtain a dated visitor’s pass. This includes both before and after school. A state-issued ID is required to obtain a visitor's pass. The pass is to be worn on the upper left shoulder area while on school grounds.

One component of safety is knowing who is requesting access to our buildings. Flagler Schools use the Raptor Visitor Management System, which allows us to quickly and easily scan visitor state-issued IDs, electronically log visitors at check-in, and print visitor badges.

Classroom Visitation
Parents are not permitted to visit their child’s class unannounced during school hours or to walk their child to class after the second week of school. Parents must make an appointment to speak with their child’s teacher. Classroom visitation requests require written notification 24 hours in advance, and visits are to last no more than 20 minutes.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe learning environment for our students. Please do not ask to go to your child’s classroom upon arrival or during the regular school day as this interferes with instructional time.

Lunch Visitation
Parents may eat lunch with their children but cannot remain for recess period. Lunch with students will be outside in designated areas.

Volunteers must pre-arrange a schedule with the teacher or area in which they are volunteering. All visitors must wear a volunteer badge or visitor’s pass where it can be easily seen and must sign out upon leaving campus.

No pets or other animals are allowed on school buses, nor are they to be brought to school without express permission from the principal.