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Media Center

The primary objective of each school’s media center is to implement, enrich, and support the educational program of the school. The media center shall provide a wide range of educational media materials on all levels of difficulty with a diversity of appeal and the representation of different points of view.

BES Media Center Goals

  • Provide a media center, which is an integral part of the total instruction program, serving students and faculty as needed in all curricular areas
  • Provide varied enrichment opportunities in an environment that encourages students to pursue individual interests and to develop their potential as lifelong learners
  • Provide support materials, equipment, facilities and professional cooperation necessary for the instructional program to meet each student’s individual needs support for classroom reading programs

Digital Resources

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Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program

The Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program (SSYRA) is a statewide reading program for students in grades 3–5. The SSYRA Junior Program is a set of 15 books for students in grades K–2.

The purpose of the SSYRA Program is to encourage students to read independently for personal satisfaction based on interest rather than just reading level. Students are encouraged to read books that are above, on, and below their tested reading level in order to improve their reading fluency and have a greater exposure to literature. 

SSYRA Book Lists

Parental Choice

Please visit the Media Services page to learn about the Flagler Schools Media Services Parental Choice Procedures.