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Repair & Replacement

Technology usage fees: 2022-23 school year

Fine Fee Schedule

Day users can opt to pay the Technology Usage Fee to have access to the Fine Fee Schedule and the Three-Tier Damage Incident Fees. The Technology Usage Fee would have to have been paid prior to the date or time that damages to the device occurred.

Damage Incident Fines

Miscellaneous iPad and MacBook Repair Costs
Repair Incident Fee/Fine
Cracked Screen* Incident Fee/Fine
Dings/Dents* No Fee/Fine
Excessive Dings/Dents* Fine to be Assessed
Line in Screen No Fee/Fine
Battery/Charging Issue* No Fee/Fine
Missing Keys Fine to be Assessed
Missing Keys - Keyboard Unrepairable Incident Fee/Fine
Clutch Cover/Spine Cracked or Missing Incident Fee/Fine
TrackPad Cracked Working/Not Working Incident Fee/Fine
TrackPad No Click No Fee/Fine

*iPad or MacBook

Repair and Replacement Fee Schedule

Day User, Third Damage Incident, Missing/Lost/Stolen, Remote/Virtual Learning

The repair and replacement fee schedule list of devices may not be complete at the time a device is issued. Actual repair/replace prices are subject to change without notice due to changes by outside vendor(s) or repair center(s).

Damage to iPad
Repair/Replace Device Part Fee
Repair iPad (6th Gen 2018) Screen $125.00
Replace iPad (6th Gen 2018)   $175.00
Repair iPad (7th, 8th, 9th Gen) Screen $239.00
Replace iPad (7th Gen 2019)   $294.00
Replace iPad 32GB (8th Gen 2020)   $294.00
Replace iPad 64GB (9th Gen 2021)   $294.00
Replace iPad (7th, 8th, 9th Gen) Case/Keyboard $99.00
Repair iPad Pro 10.5" Screen $399.00
Replace iPad Pro 10.5"   $399.00
Repair iPad Pro 12.9" Screen $499.00
Replace iPad Pro 12.9"   $525.00
Repair iPad Logic Board


Repair iPad Battery or Charging Port $99.00
Replace iPad Pro Pencil $89.00
Replace iPad Logitech Crayon $69.00
Replace iPad Smart Stylus $19.00
Replacement Parts for iPad
Part Fee
Apple USB-C Charging Cable $21.00
Apple iPad 20W Power Brick $21.00
Apple iPad Lightning Cable $21.00
Apple iPad 12W Power Brick $21.00
Replacement Parts for MacBook Air
Part Fee
Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter $46.00
Apple 30W M1 Charging Brick $46.00
Apple C to C Charging Cable $21.00
Power Adapter Wall Plug (Duckhead) $4.00
MacBook Air Replacement
Model Fee
MacBook Air 11" $299.00
MacBook Air M1 13" $764.00